More about Icertis vs. Ironclad

More about Icertis vs. Ironclad

Organizations use Icertis and Ironclad to store departmental contract data in the cloud. These contract management tools help professionals like lawyers and accountants to collect, negotiate, and store business contracts. These tools maximize your organization’s contract performance and enforce business terms. They ensure that all contracts in your entity are correct. Also, the software accelerates your income and cash flow as well as reduces non-compliance risk.

Icertis and Ironclad automate and ease the contract creation process. These applications have a library of approved clauses and templates that aid in automatic contract creation. Creating the contract is fast with these platforms as they have a template.

Icertis and Ironclad create auditable contracts fit for cloud storage. Your outlets can access the contracts in their original form from any location and on any internet-enabled device. These applications record changes made on a contract for easy auditing. So how can you compare Icertis vs Ironclad?


Icertis is an AI-powered platform that converts static documents into strategic contracts showing your organization’s operations. The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) can hold up to 2.5 million contracts from over 750,000 users and 40 languages in more than 90 countries. The innovative platform is easy to use and highly configurable to match your firm’s needs.

The built-in analytics and intelligent workflow in the Icertis support contract management services. Besides, ICM enhances user productivity allowing you to mitigate risks, increase compliance, and improve governance at the departmental level. In return, these maximize your returns on investment. In Contract Management Software, Icertis is in the fifth position. The software is mostly compared with OpenText Contract Center, SAP Ariba Contracts, and DocuSign CLM.

Icertis Contract Management has various plans such as contract operations, intelligent contract setup, reporting and dashboards, governance, risk, and compliance. Departments can complete various functions at once with this software.


Conversely, companies use Ironclad to create, automate, and track contracts remotely across departments. The software creates a contract record by integrating workflow automation and contract management systems. Besides, it aids in unlocking the power of contract data in departments.

The cloud-based contract management software has an audit trail, automated reminders and notifications, a workflow engine, and e-signature and customer relations management integrations. Ironclad has fast-tracked control over your templates and contracts from the creation phase through approvals, management, and archiving. It provides storage for all records and allows for real-time data retrieval.

Also, the automated software increases return on your investment and sales, improves efficiency in all departments, aids in building brand awareness, and promotes the launch of new products. Ironclad takes the 8th position in Contract Management Software and is mostly compared with SAP Ariba Contracts, Conga Contracts, and SirionLabs.

Ironclad support various functions with its numerous elements. Its plans include security, clickwrap, integrations, workflow design, artificial intelligence, editor, implementation, and reporting.



Icertis and Ironclad are contract management platforms allowing you to store cloud data. Ironclad has a free trial for first-time customers, while Icertis does not have a free trial. Ensure that you pick a contract management software that meets your business requirements.